Dan studied fine art at Bournville College of Art, Birmingham, and then Liverpool Art College, John Moore's University. He is now based in Worcestershire, drawing inspiration for his work from both urban and rural environments, working from photographs, as well as on location, Dan recreates these scenes in a distinctive, impressionist style, using acrylic paint.

Both the city and the countryside are of equal importance to Dan, and each provides it's own unique challenge;  the inevitable bustling of detail and kinetic, dancing colours of his crowd scenes, the frenetic graffiti on walls and trucks, to his more sombre interpretations of city-life, and the plaintive colours and brushstrokes of his landscapes.  

It is often the landscapes deemed humdrum that interest Dan the most. A local underpass covered in graffiti, or the old derelict pier at Weston-super-Mare, far from the crowds of holiday goers, or the moody coast lines of Borth, in Wales. All places that ignite his imagination and are the subject matters that he captures in his paintings.

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